Basic Piano Tuning (effective January 1, 2023) ---------- $130.00

What is a Basic Piano Tuning? It is when a piano is maintained bi-annually or yearly, the tuning pins should be holding the pitch of the piano very close to where the technician tuned it.  If it has been over a year and a half or more, the piano would most likely need a pitch raise/lowering.

  • Pitch Raise/lowering  (6-15 cents +/-)      Add $40
  • Pitch Raise/lowering  (16-25 cents +/-)    Add $60 
  • Pitch Raise/lowering  (26-50 cents +/- )   Add $80
  • Pitch Raise/lowering (51-75 cents +/- )    Add $100
  • Pitch Raise/lowering (76-100 cents +/- )  Add $125
  • Pitch Raise/lowering (101 cents +/- )        Add $150-175

What is a Pitch Raise/lowering?  When a piano hasn’t been tuned over a year and a half or more,   it most likely will require a technician to raise or lower the pitch, depending where the pitch of the piano has moved.  Humidity is the culprit that disturbs the pitch of the piano.  When the humidity is real high it can cause the pitch of your piano to raise.  If it gets too low it can cause your pitch to go flat.  Each scenario is different for each piano.  

Our Procedure:  When we arrive at your home, the technician will access where the pitch of your piano is and will explain to you what type of tuning your piano will need.  

Repairs:  Repairs are separate from the tuning.  Tuning has no affect on anything else in your piano.  I’ve had many people think that a tuning can cause keys to stick or some action part to go bad.  Neither is related to the tuning.  If you notice a problem with your piano, please let us know at the time of scheduling so we can be sure to schedule extra time to fix the problem. 

Piano Repairs are priced per hour ---------- $100.00
Estimates & Appraisals
  • ESTIMATES . . . . . . . $130.00
    • Repair estimates
    • Estimating the condition of a piano for sale
  • APPRAISALS . . . . . . $180.00

  • CATASTROPHIC ESTIMATES . . . . . . . $180- 300.00
    • Smoke Damage
    • Water Damage
    • Rodent Damage
  • INSURANCE ESTIMATES . . . . . . . . Cost calculated per incident
Piano Rebuilding

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Piano Refinishing

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NEW SERVICE: Piano Storage Available
  • Grand piano storage:  $100.00 a month
  • Upright piano storage:  $75.00 a month


Upright Dampp-Chaser Dehumidifier Bar System & labor . . . $280.00
Upright Dampp-Chaser 5-part System & labor . . . $610.00
Grand Dampp-Chaser Dehumidifier Bar System & labor . . . $355.00
Grand Dampp-Chaser 6-Part System & labor . . . $700.00
Piano benches, all accessories, and cleaning products AVAILABLE! ---------- Call or Email
Square Grands: Tuning and Servicing

Basic tuning:  $160
Pitch Raises:  Estimated

All repairs are estimated.  Square Grands require special parts that are difficult to get.  The supplier we used to use went out of business. So, the parts have to be hand made.  

We service a variety of areas in Upstate S.C., including:

Abbeville, Anderson, Belton, Berea, Boiling Springs, Clemson, Cleveland, Duncan, Easley, Fountain Inn, Gray Court, Greenville, Greenwood, Greer,

Honea Path, Inman, Landrum, Laurens, Liberty, Lyman, Marietta, Mauldin, Moore, Pickens, Piedmont, Powdersville, Reidville, Roebuck,

Simpsonville, Spartanburg, Seneca, Sunset,Taylors, Travelers Rest,  Wahala, Wellford, Williamston, Woodruff, &  other areas available upon request.