Come and view these pianos and more in our brand new showroom!  It is best to call ahead so we can have one of our technicians there to assist you as you preview these beautiful pianos.  Call us to schedule an appointment  at 864-908-8847 (texting available).

A New Way of Buying Pianos

As you know from reading our information, we are a service company, focusing on servicing and rebuilding pianos, and refinishing pianos and furniture.  Currently, we are selling pianos that are pre-owned.  Some of these pianos are “showroom condition” and ready to come to your home, while other pianos are needing some type of rebuilding or refinishing.  On the pianos that need some type of rebuilding and/or refinishing, gives the customer opportunity to customize what they want done to the piano to help meet their budget.  With our increasing demand of the rebuilds that we have contracted to do, gives us little time to rebuild the pianos that are on our showroom floor. The question I receive all the time is, “is it worth it to rebuild a piano?”  My answer is, yes!  The best analogy I can use is to compare rebuilding your piano to fixing up a house.  I enjoy watching the HGTV show “Fixer Upper”.  The hosts (Chip & Joanna Gaines) “say that they council clients who can’t see a structure’s beauty beyond the blemishes. Combined, Chip and Joanna save homes that look hopeless, renovating the imperfect, and revealing them as what they were always intended to be.”   That is the idea of buying a piano that needs rebuilt or refurbished.  You are taking an instrument that might seem hopeless to renovate, but by going through the rebuilding process, you turn that old instrument into the instrument it used to be! If you’re needing a piano today, we possibly will have one.  But, if you’re willing to patiently wait for a quality instrument to be rebuilt, you can find a great piano at a great price.  We have pianos by Steinway, Kawai, Yamaha, Knabe, Everett, Baldwin.   Some of the pianos we have that need rebuilding are not on our showroom floor.  Currently, the majority of our pianos are grand pianos.  I would love to make an appointment with you and show you what we have and explain what we can do to get a beautiful piano in your home.